[K-Classic ] K-클래식 위촉장(letter of appointment)
[K-Classic ] K-클래식 위촉장(letter of appointment)
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We root for The K-Classic!

[Seoul=내외뉴스통신] 탁계석 비평가회장

K-Classic이 우리 작품의 세계화를 위해 각국의 유명 지휘자들을 명예지휘자로 위촉하여 국제 교류와 함께  우리 작품을 지속적으로 연주할 수 있는 플랫폼 역할을 한다. 이번에 제 2차(2020. 7월 23일)_로 12분의 지휘자에게 위촉장을 주었다.  'K-오케스트라'는 한국의 모든 오케스트라와의 교류를 상징한다. 


                               위촉장(letter of appointment)


귀하를 K-클래식 조직위원회가 세계음악의 미래와 비젼을 위해 운영하는 K-오케스트라의 명예 지휘자로 위촉합니다.

You are appointed as the honorary conductor of the K-Orchestra, run by the K-Classic Organizing Committee for the future and vision of world music.




We root for The K-Classic!

The K-Classic® (President: Gye-Seok Tak) has created a various projects such as “2012 Yang-Pyung 5 Day Classical Music Festival”, “2013 K-Classic Felicity Concert”, “Art Gallery Salon Concert”, and several other research and performance activities to promote the K-Classic brand through newly commissioned works of the highest artistic excellence and performances by esteemed composers and artists.

 We plan to strengthen our organization and expand its reach overseas in order to open the floodgates of an era to Hallyu or Hanryu (The Korean Wave) of the most refined-form. Furthermore, we hope to assist Korean business enterprises exploring the world market while sharing the new Korean Cultural value with the citizens of the global


내외뉴스통신, NBNNEWS

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