K-Classic magazine is ready for publication
K-Classic magazine is ready for publication
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K-Classic 매거진 9월 창간

[Seoul=내외뉴스통신] GS,Tak

Please send me a video of your orchestra playing. The K-Classic Organizing Committee launches the K-Classic Mobile Magazine in September 2020.

‘Good music makes a good world’

We hope that our efforts will bring the peace, comfort and blessings of music to the world's families.

Like delicious music from many countries, more people will share it. Music has no borders and no disputes. We are brothers who share delicious dishes with each other.

Post Corona, if you promise to meet anytime, our pain will make us more mature. Thank you.

GS Tak  

e-mail:  musictak38@gmail .  musictak@hanmail.net  

2020. 8. 7~ 2020. 8.15 


Honorary conductor of K-Orchestra

Luis Szaran
Marco Antonio Figueroa Cortés 
Adriany Gomez
Ruben Dario Suarez Arana Mercado
Marcos Martins Araujo 
German Kim
Josef Suilen
Jean Reis
Franklin Ruque
Tigran Akhnazarian
Valery Voronin
José Perales
Uriel Rodríguez S.
Rainer Held
Jesús Echevarría
Marcelo  Luis Conca
José Escandell Vila
Marcelo Luis Conca
Antonio Saiote
Filipe Cunha
Eric du Faÿ
Miguel Atilio Brizuela
Luigi Borzillo
Sung-Yong Cheong
Vakh jongwhi

Human cultural heritage  Buseoksa Temple     


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